Dialogues with Deceased Animals

When the beloved animal leaves, sometimes questions remain unanswered. We ask ourselves if we could have done something better, if the animal is well now or we just want to say goodbye.

Since telepathy knows neither time nor space, a conversation with a deceased animal is of course possible. I myself spoke with my rabbit 20 years after its death and received his message with great joy.

For a conversation with your deceased animal I need a photo of your animal, the name, how old it has become and how long it was with you. The conversation will then be conducted directly by three of us on the phone.

For a conversation you invest 180€ (incl.VAT)

Maybe you want to get to know me before the booking? No problem, just arrange a free appointment with me (no animal talk).

You can get in touch with me via rs@rebecca-szrama.de or +49 157 850 833 24. I am looking forward getting to know you and your animal!

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