Your Animal Communiation

You can ask your animal any kind of questions in this dialogue. Such animal dialogue lasts about an hour. Experience has shown that about 5 questions can be well accommodated. But this of course is not a must but only a guideline. Often the conversation does evolve and the animal itself brings in topics or a question regarding a topic it would like to be discussed more deeply.

The animal dialogue is held by the both of us by phone. For that we make an appointment for me to call you. For this, I need a photo of your animal, on which the eyes can be seen clearly and not being older than 3 years.  It doesn’t have to be a full body photo. After the booking of an appointment, you send me the photo beforehand by email, together with a number or a Skype name, under which I can reach you, to  You write down your questions for the set time, there is no need to send them to me before the appointment. I will call you at the agreed time and also get in touch with your animal. We will then talk directly to each other.

It is very touching to get information and answers from your animal, so I recommend that you have a notebook and pen ready for the conversation.

Investment €: I am aware of different rates and price shemes depending on the country and continent.  As I have English speaking clients from various continents I have different rates. If you are interested in an animal talk please contact me for further information on prices.

Payments can be made by paypal.

Maybe you are not sure and want to get to know me before the booking? No problem, just arrange a free appointment with me (no animal talk).

You can get in touch with me via or +49 157 850 833 24. I am looking forward getting to know you and your animal!

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