Animal communication

Time and time again I’m asked what animal communication is, how it works and whether I read the body language of the animals. The answer to this would be “No, I don’t”. If I then say that I am an animal whisperer, most people understand it a bit more or have a picture of it in their head. I talk to your animal – no matter the distance.


Animal Communication

Animal communication is telepathy. I connect with your animal, more precisely with the energy field of your animal and that way receive answers from your animal to your questions. These answers and information are transmitted to me by means of pictures, feelings or also sentences and words in my head. Telepathy knows no time and no space. Therefore, the animal communication works also over the distance and by telephone. I don’t have to physically have the animal in front of me.

With you, the owner, I then talk on the phone, by Skype or of course also live if possible.

You may ask any question you want in a conversation. Such a dialogue with your animal helps you to get a better understanding of your animal. Via this animal communication I can support you, for example, if your animal suddenly behaves differently, is in pain, does things it hasn’t done before, has behavioural problems or fears and you just don’t know what’s going on and you are at your wit´s end.

However, you might even just want to know what your animal likes or what´s on its mind.

Our animals are often also very wise and good (spiritual) advisors and teachers. Often, they also act as a mirror, reflecting something for us. It is fun and often amazing to get advice from your animal.

I would also like to mention here that the basis for such discussion is of course the animals own free will. I cannot force an animal to give something away if it does not want to talk. Just like in a conversation between people. However, in my experience, animals are very happy and pleased when they are given the chance to be heard and are allowed to speak.

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