Kiss for your kid´s soul

All of us on our team have special skills and talents. Jose is a master of the center, of centering, of calm. Just connecting with him can bring you back to your center. Henry is the ruler of energies and he loves freely. He can see in a person what kind of skills and talents they have. He makes contact with the soul of a human, being, animal and connects with it. Jose also connects with people, feels into them and sees where they stand – regardless of wether they are children or adults – also in relation to their centering and being with themselves. With his guided meditations he has already brought several people to themselves again, to a place within them that gives them peace and space. Both, Jose and Henry, see the essence of a human or an animal.

The “Kiss for your kid`s soul” was Jose and Henry´s idea. It allowes to give the parents and also the child orientation and direction, that´s what it was born for.


Henry connects with your child, sees and feels it and can tell you where his  talents and potentials lie, for example whether your child is haptic. He can give you ideas on where your child is completely at his own pace, in his element. Henry sees what a person needs to express themselves, their soul´s purpose. About an 8 year old girl for example, he could tell me that she had a haptic disposition, that she needed to work with her hands in order to express herself freely and be in the Now, that pottery was fruitful possibility for her and that she had the gift of clairvoyance.



Jose can tell how your child comes to rest, to inner peace and calmness; what a person needs to stay centered within themselves. He told, for example one girl that she perceives a lot around her and that she perceives the world around her through observation. In order to process all she observes, the girl would do well to sit again and again by herself, sorting her thoughts and feelings and to process what she has experienced. Even though for an outsider it may seem that she is “just sitting there”. The girl needs it like air to breath. For her parents it would be advisable to let her.


Of course, the “Kiss for your soul” is also available for adults.

Potential- and energy analysis of your child in writing including a telephone, skype or zoom call to discuss and clarify questions.

– We hold a telephone conversation (or skype or zoom) in advance in which we clarify your thoughts and needs regarding your child, we may also involve your child into the phone call, or we meet in person in Bavaria, Germany.
– After the talk, I will get in touch with Henry and Jose. All of us connect with your child and his soul and we create the “soul kiss”.
– I will send you the results and we make an appointment for a final talk.

Online, by phone or on site in Hohenkammer, Bavaria in Germany, directly with the horses. We then discuss the process and framework individually.

187 € (incl. VAT)

Via or +49 157 850 833 24.

Maybe you are not sure and want to get to know me before the booking? No problem, just arrange a free appointment with me via email or phone.

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