I am very, very grateful that I was able to experience this wonderful session with Rebecca. Rebecca showed me my way, my next steps through her gentle, empathetic way. With attentive words she confirmed to me – and this is the beauty of it – what I knew deep inside myself already but could not find the words for it myself. The session with Rebecca gave me an incredible amount of trust and faith in myself. She also gave me the important impulse to reflect on myself even more deeply. All in all, a wonderful, deep experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Julia Holecek

Rebecca enabled me to set my sails correctly – she came into my life at the right time. With her reading, she was able to help me with fundamental decisions – no, it is not clairvoyance or fortune-telling, but it was impulses from my energy field that my ratio does not perceive. Impulses that are of great importance for my growth and progress. I thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Rebecca – my EXHILARATION – that was the key word – I can now use as a big roof for my whole project. You have given me so much clarity that I am extremely happy.

Sincerely, Valentina”

Valentina Würth, Wertvolle Zeit, www.wertvolle-zeit.de

With Rebecca‘s gentle and honest way, a session with her is the most enriching experience! Her intuition and her way of expression are rather difficult to embrace in words. I can only say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!”


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