Intuition – Morphic Field

Our intuition, or our gut feeling, as many call it, accesses the area of the morphic field. The morphic or morphogenetic field can be called nature’s memory or data storage. It knows more than our mind, because it contains a lot of information that the mind cannot grasp.

The biologist Rupert Sheldrake observed and researched natural phenomena in animals and plants, where information was transmitted. He named the field from which the information originated, nature’s data memory, the morphogenetic fields.

Us humans also have access to this field as of birth but forget this access over the years, forget to use our intuition and to trust our feelings. Our feelings are often already denied and overlaid with logic during our childhood.

A good example for this is when a child says that he or she is hungry and parents often reply with the sentence “this cannot be, you have just eaten”. That way we learn to follow certain routines and “laws” of logic instead trusting our feelings.

Therefore, it is our mind that often reacts to our everyday life and determines our decisions, instead our intuition. And, often we find ourselves in situations that make us unhappy, because either the decision does not fit or there is too little emotion in our lives in general. Something “is not right” is “not coherent” is a sign that more work had been done with rational logic than with feelings. It is time to bring more feeling back into life.


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