Coaching helps you to receive clarity and answers to your questions concerning everyday life, work, love or relationship. Answers that are coherent and that feel harmonious for you. Often in our lives we are stuck in roles or (social) ideas and expectations of others, so we pursue something that does not originate from our own ideas. We ask ourselves why we always find ourselves in the same tricky situations, burnout is diagnosed or somehow things just don’t go smoothly, no matter which direction.

With my coaching I would like to support you to find out what is right for you and to find belief systems, blockades and fears in order to deal with them or to solve them. That doesn’t mean that you quit your job, throw everything overboard and pack your backpack for the trip around the world. It’s not just about getting clarity about what’s going on and what’s next and where to go but also you given the opportunity to make conscious decisions. Every decision you make in your life is okay. Ultimately, it’s about being happy, and in my experience, conscious decisions contribute a lot to being happy.

In my coaching we bring in the instance of intuition, the gut feeling. And it will probably happen quite often that you have felt the impulses and answers from the coaching somewhere within yourself already and that you become more and more beware of it. More and more you will be able to trust your gut instinct and use it as a valuable instance of your daily ratio.

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